Air Conditioned Lada

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Translated by z.

A/C in a Lada?
Is there any?
In a Russian car?

Answer is YES, and it works OK!

This story had begun in the middle of the 80's, when we were offered such a device in the former Soviet Union. First we expected it with doubts, but it seemed to be working. After that we decided to buy one.

It happened two years ago that we finally got to fit it in the car. Until this time the factory warranty would be hurt by such tampering. The device itself is made in Japan, specifically prepared for Lada. The heat exchanger is Hitachi brand.

Main prerequisite of the setup is to have a chain-driven valvetrain (2101, 21011, 2103, 2106) (not a belt-driven 2105), only in this case will there be enough place under the hood - for the double belt wheel.

Parts of the kit

- compressor
- radiator
- tank
- internal heat exchanger
- pipes
- wirings, relays.


It is not difficult at all, Japanish designed it in a bolt-on way, you don't have to drill or do anything else to the original parts.

First the compressor holder will be bolted on the cylinder block, then the compressor. The unit is belt-driven from the crankshaft by a second beltwheel. The compressor itself has an electric clutch so that it can be switched on and off simply.

Since the compressor is big enough you'll have to replace the windscreen-washer reservoir with a smaller one. For East Europeans: we used a Trabant's washer-tank.

A/C's radiator is fitted in front of the water radiator. This is followed by the small tank and then the internal part. After installation you have to give up the shelf under the dashboard, there will be the cooler with two big grilles and the two knobs. One of them switches the 3-stage fan, other the tap (water valve) and the thermostat.

After fitting all these, you only need to wire the whole system. There are 2 relays for it, one operates the clutch, the other switches the engine fan. There is a small vacuum-operated unit which pulls the engine's throttle lever: this one increases idle-speed when the A/C is operational. We left this system out because the A/C won't decrease idle-speed that much. Installing this idle-speed corrector unit would let the engine take fuel while deccelerating the car. In other words, this eleminates the vacuum-operated consumption-decreasing valve.

Last step is filling the system and bleeding it.

Using the A/C

Personally I use it like this: after starting (in hot summer) I immediately vent the car. When engine is warm enough, I close all windows, and set the venting system to internal circulation: I close the Lada's original venting grilles. I enable the A/C's fan: 2nd speed, usually. This makes the car a bit lazier and slower. After reaching the needed temperature, the fan is turned to lower speed, the water valve is closed a bit, too. As I measured, the incoming air is around 5 degrees celsius. In wintertime the A/C is a great help against steamy windows. During overtakes it is good to turn off the A/C (engine power increase). Downhill going I turn it on to increase the engine's deccelerating effect.

As far as fuel consumption is concerned, it needs 1-1,5 litres more for 100km's. Current is 8 Amps, not including the fan's current. This must be taken into consideration when choosing battery.