Automatic Air Intake

(Szerző: gm (Melegh Gábor), utoljára módosítva: 2007.01.23.)

All Lada models can be fitted with this thermostat-controled airbox feature. Article is translated by z.

Easy to do:

To any 2104, 2105 and 2107 airbox it is easy to install this within a minute. (Diameter is exactly the same). Earlier Lada models had two-intake airbox. This has to be swapped to a 2105/7 airbox first. The automatic intake originates from Lada Samara. Again, intake diameter is the same, replacement requires a 10mm spanner only.


This improvement on your car has an advantage of keeping intaken air at an ideal temperature, even in the summer or winter. Better fuel economy is achieved. Engine will have a nice balanced idle speed. Choke will be used for a shorter time at cold start.

Where to buy:

The automatic intake is a factory part of any Lada Samara.You can get it from any Samara/Lada wreckers', Lada dealers, etc. Check the pictures below to see the item.

Temperature experiences:

Factory specifications:

  • below 25 degrees Celsius the flap fully openes the direction of HOT air.
  • over 35 degrees Celsius it opens the COLD-air direction fully.

I made some experiences. I took a digital, remote thermometer. I put its sensor into the airbox, and tied it to one of the three airbox-screws, just next to the primary barrel of the carburettor. This is the airflow for which we want to control the temperature. I also insulated the sensor of course with a piece of foam. (The airbox and its bolts are hot of course).

Outside temperature was 20 degrees Celsius. The cold-air intake was fed from the front wall via flexible air hose (see picture). The hot-air intake was of course tied to the exhaust's air heater box. The temperature was kept around 28-30 degrees Celsius according the digital meter. On highway, going down a slope, the exhaust manifold had cooled down so that the measured temperature went down to 25 deg.Celsius. For the first throttle push it went up to 31 degrees immediately. After a few seconds the control comes in, and temperature is reduced to 28...29 degrees. At a stand still, airflow is slown down (even in the carbie barrels and the ram-air flexible hose), therefore it heats to 35-37 degrees, but after a start temperature is reduced again.

This morning I measured 8 degrees Celsius at the carburettor, before a cold start. During the first five seconds it dropped 0.2 degrees then started to raise. Just after getting off to the road from my yard it was 9.9, at the end of the street 12.0, at the first traffic light 20. This is a 400 metres route. Accelerating on the highway (outside temp is under ten degrees Celsius) it raised to 26 deg., arriving down the slope it dropped to 23 deg., and finally set at a steady 28 degrees celsius while travelling at 100kph.

Going uphill (in 2nd gear, high rev), it reach 31 after a few minutes. Stopping the engine, after five minutes it is 45 degrees hot, but starting again, it drops to the correct temperature again.


How to connect the pipes? Solution by Miklos Szentirmai: