Models: 2101

(Szerző: NDani (Nagy Dániel), utoljára módosítva: 2007.02.12.)

Translated by z.

VAZ-2101 /Lada 1200/ appeared on our streets for the first time in 1970. Its logical and practical layout was distinctive amongst other cars offered. Despite its small body and light weight it has big cockpit and huge trunk. Soft suspensions and efficient cockpit heating make your trip comfortable.


VAZ-21011 /Lada 1300/ had been introduced in 1974.

Model VAZ

Number of cylinders
4 4 4
Bore, mm
76 79 76
Stroke, mm 66 66 66
Displacement, cm3 1198
1294 1198

In 1978 VAZ-21013 /Lada 1200s/ was introduced. It has got the smaller 1198cc engine in the more sophisticated 21011 body.

Front engine, rear drive.

How to recognize an original youngtimer Zhiguli /VAZ-2101/:

- chrome bumpers with vertical pieces
- no holes on the front wall behind the bumper
- circular, chrome plated rearview mirror bolt (3 bolts) on the front left wing.
- chrome plated sill trim
- red deflectors below taillights, both sides
- Zhiguli badge in Cyrillic letters
- silver (white) dashboard trim
- white instrument panel
- chrome steering wheel ring
- hinged throttle pedal

Late 1200s and 1300:

- rubber trim on bumpers
- ventilation holes on front wall
- chrome or black rearview mirror bolt on the front left door (2 bolts only)
- black sill trim
- red deflectors integrated into taillights
- reverse drive light on left side
- model badge under left rear taillight
- brown (false wooden) dashboard trim
- black instrument panel
- ventilation hole + grille on C-post
- rear foglight under the bumper (in some cases)