Factory tablets of Lada chassis' - explanation

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All cars the same as also any other vehicles, are exposed to obligatory marks which is put specially in such places that any interested person could find her(it) without effort. But, perhaps, not each autoowner can tell, that is covered behind these "mysterious" alphanumeric codes. Let's try decipher them on an example of automobiles " VAZs ".

The factory tablet
On all automobiles " VAZs " the factory tablet with the put marks is established. This marks is various for the automobiles intended for a home market, and for automobiles on export (fig. 1 and 2). Conditionally the tablet can be divided(shared) into two fields: in a framework and behind a framework. On a field 1 (the framework) contains the following data. On the first line the name of the enterprise - manufacturer is specified.
     The second line was entered only in 1999. On tablets of the automobiles intended for deliveries on a home market (fig. 1), is represented a mark of conformity to the Russian requirements and number of Approval of type (ÐÎÑÑ - Russia, RU - a code of Russia, MT02 - a code of body by certification, E ***** - number of Approval of type). On tablets of the automobiles intended for deliveries on export (fig. 2), is specified number of the certificate îòèïîâàíèÿ European Economic Community. One of the most important elements of the factory tablet is the combination of digital and alphabetic symbols which refers to as identification number of the automobile (or in another way - a VIN-code (from àíãë. Vehicle Identification Number). Identification number (fig. 3) consists of 17 marks and is deciphered thus. First three letters of identification number (à) refer to as the international identification code of the manufacturer and are appropriated(given) by the Central research automobile and automotor institute (US). Letters and the figures used on first two marks of identification number, are assigned by each country and supervised by the international agency - the Society of automobile engineers (SAE) which works under the direction of the International organization on standardization (ISO). The first letter designates a geographical zone (for example, X - Europe), the second - the country (T - Russia), and the third - the factory - manufacturer (A-the VAZ). Under a designation of model or updating of the automobile it is allocated(removed) 6 marks (b). The subsequent eight marks (ñ) refer to as serial industrial number (or in another way - number the chassis) and have the following decoding. The first mark (d) designates year of release of the automobile (tab. 1). The alphabetic code of modelling year of release varies July, 1 the previous year. That is, if, for example, the automobile is made in December, 1999 it(he) already has code Y (which corresponds(meets) to 2000). The second mark of serial industrial number (e) designates the country (or a factory) assembly of the automobile (tab. 2).
     Besides identification number (VIN-code) within the framework of the factory tablet it is underlined:
1 - an index of model of the engine, for example, " the engine 2105 " etc. (only for the automobiles intended for a home market);
2 - allowable full weight of the automobile; 
Tab. 1.
The code of modelling year of release
Code of year
1971 1
1972 2
1973 3
1974 4
1975 5
1976 6
1977 7
1978 8
1979 9
1980 A
1981 B
1982 C
1983 D
1984 E
1985 F
1986 G
1987 H
1988 J
1989 K
1990 L
1991 M
1992 N
1993 P
1994 R
1995 S
1996 T
1997 V
1998 W
1999 X
2000 Y
2001 1
2002 2
2003 3
2004 4
2005 5
2006 6
2007 7
2008 8
2009 9
2010 A
3 - allowable full weight of the automobile with the trailer (if operation of the given automobile with the trailer is resolved(allowed));
4 - allowable full weight on a forward axis of the automobile;
5 - allowable full weight on a back axis of the automobile. A field of 2 tablets (behind a framework) are specified:
Tab. 2.
Symbol The country (factory)
0-6 The VAZ
7 "ÐîñËàäà"
9 Finland
- Number for spare parts (progressive number of an output(exit) of the automobile from the conveyor);
- Number of alternative execution(performance) of the automobile (the two-place code);
- Number of a complete set of the automobile (the three-value code).
Number for spare parts is a serial number of the automobile descending from the conveyor. It(he) serves for the account of quantity(amount) of let out machines and for simplification of search of the data on the automobile in case of need.
Examples of alternative execution(performance) for âïðûñêîâûő versions are submitted in table 3. Number of a complete set of the automobile makes a deviation(rejection) from the basis price of the automobile stipulated by structure of an industrial complete set (tab. 4). Except for listed above, in tablets for the automobiles intended on export (fig. 2), are specified:
- On a field of 1 tablet - a code of the country and number of the sanction to operation (it is put down by the country - importer of automobiles);
- On a field of 2 tablets - an index of model of the engine. 
Tab. 3.
Alternative executions(performances)
Model Code Alternative execution(performance)
21083 20 With the controller January - 4
2108 21 With the controller January - 4
2108 22 With controller GM
21083 23 With controller GM
21083 24 Injection Bosch - Saratov
21099 04 The panel of devices 2114
21093 05 The panel of devices 2114
21099 23 Injection Bosch - Saratov and the panel of devices 2114
21093 25 Injection Bosch - Saratov and the panel of devices 2114

Technical requirements
     There are certain technical requirements to marks of the factory tablet. They, as a rule, are intended for a narrow circle of experts, but some of them will be useful also to ordinary consumers.
     The model or updating of the automobile, type of the engine and other inscriptions are put on the factory tablet by a photoway.
     Number for spare parts, year of release, number the chassis, and also number of alternative execution(performance) and number of a complete set of the automobile is beaten out in the tablet by a date stamp. As in all date stamps a font type-setting some displacement of figures be relative each other as across are possible(probable), and on a vertical (in limits ÃÎÑÒà). Besides can take place and various depth of a notch (in limits ÃÎÑÒà).
     In identification numbers letters of the latin alphabet (behind exception I, O, Q) and the Arabian figures are applied.
     The factory tablet in the size 87x63 mm fastens ñàìîíàðåçàþùèìèñÿ screws or rivets near to marks of a body (see further).
     Identification numbers, and also marks of additional marks should be represented in one or two lines. At the image of identification number in two lines any of his(its) components is not supposed to be divided carry. In the beginning and the end of a line should be ïðîñòàâëåí a mark (a symbol, a restrictive framework of the tablet etc.) which gets out the enterprise and should differ from figures and letters of marks. Between marks and lines of identification number there should not be blanks. Division of components of identification number chosen is supposed is familiar.

Marks of a body
     Marks of a body contains the identification number (VIN-code) completely conterminous to identification number of the factory tablet. It(he) is made between two asterisks. The distance between asterisks and extreme figures or letters, and also distance between separate marks of marks should be no more than half of width of figure.
     Example of marking of a body of model of the automobile the VAZ - 2108:
     Identification number of a body should be rendered on an integral part of a motor compartment under a cowl (tab. 5).
Marks of the engine
     Marks of engines contains the following elements:
- A trade mark or the abbreviated name of the enterprise - manufacturer;
- A designation of an index of model;
- Serial industrial number. 

As an index of model the reduced designation of model of the engine is applied.
     The index of model and serial industrial number of the engine can be put in one or two lines. At drawing marks in two lines an index of model, serial industrial number it is not supposed to divide carry.
     Serial industrial number of the engine should be made
Between two dividers,
Tab. 4.
Complete sets of automobiles
The code Complete set
010 Base
011-015 Base for the period of development
110-199 Export (the left rudder)
610-699 Export (the right rudder)
710-799 âíóòðèïðîèçâîäñòâåííàÿ "lux"
810-899 âíóòðèïðîèçâîäñòâåííàÿ "norm"
For example, asterisks (only for engines, since family of automobiles the VAZ - 2108 and the subsequent models). The distance between extreme figures and a divider from each party(side) should be no more than half of width of figure.
Example of marks of engines:
1) Model 21011 with serial industrial number 4135586:
In two lines - 21011
2) Model 21081 with serial industrial number 7812301:
In one line - 21081 *7812301 *;
In two lines - 21081
*7812301 *;
3) Model 11113 with serial industrial number 2301:
In one line - 11113 *0002301 *;
In two lines - 11113
It is supposed in marks of the engine after serial industrial number behind an asterisk to specify year of release of the engine.
Place of marks - in a place convenient for perusal on the engine established in the automobile. 
Tab. 5.
Model and place of marks
Model Place of marks
Family " field " The amplifier top ùèòêà ïåðåäêà
çàäíåïðèâîäíûå automobiles Box âîçäóőîïðèòîêà
Family 2110 Support of a forward right suspension bracket
Family 2108/09/99 íàäñòàâêà ùèòêà ïåðåäêà

If there was a doubt in reliability of numbers on a body and on the engine in each concrete case is recommended to request management of the organization of manufacture of the VAZ about, whether the automobile with such combination of numbers gathered on the VAZ, having specified thus identification number (VIN-code), number of model or updating, number for spare parts and number of the engine.