Models: 2102

(Szerző: m.krisz (Majosi Krisztián), utoljára módosítva: 2007.02.12.)

Translated by z.

VAZ-2102 (van / estate)

Estate (van) version of the VAZ-2101, or as it is called in Togliattiban: the "Combi".


The most obvious difference to the VAZ-2101 is the estate body. Folding rear seats gives you a really huge room to pack. Due to the higher weight this model has got a shorter differential ratio (1:4,44), wider rims (5J), and bigger fuel tank (45 litres).


Other versions of VAZ-2102:

2102 (1.2L),
21021-01 (1.3L),
21021-02 (1.3L),
21022 (1.2L),
21023 (1.5L),
21024 (1.3L),
21026 (1.5L).




by m.krisz