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Szerző:  ajr [ szer. márc. 26, 2014 9:39 pm ]
Hozzászólás témája:  Hello!

Hello everybody here! I have been browsing this site for quite a while, a lot of good reading on classic Ladas. Although I have to used Google translate for everything as I am clueless on Hungarian. However, I have driven through Hungary in a red 1989 Lada 2105 in 2008/2009. Back than I was a student and I did not have to money to fix the rust on the 2105 after I had it for a couple of years, so I sadly had to sell it.

Right now I am working for a while and I am looking for a classic Lada again, I have always loved the 2101's and due to tax reasons I am now looking for an early 2101 (pre 1975) that is drive-able and as rust free as possible. I am looking to spend at max 800.000 Ft and I was wondering if you guys here think this is reasonable?

Thanks for the nice site (I think one of the best ones on classic Lada's out there on the web!).


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