Jonathan Walsh (avtovaz)

Widnes (UK)
Lada 21057 '92 road rally car - Vauxhall Vectra B '99


Im Jonathan Walsh, i live in the Uk, and im very fortunat to be an honary member of LBK ;)

My cars are


Now 1600cc, single 45 webber, VW distributor from golf mk2, Ford Sierra type9 - 5 speed close ratio straight cut gear box, 1/2 lada 1/2 ford english axel casing with ford english LSD [sper] single peice prop, fiat croma turbo disks with volvo 4 pot calipers, full cage, fiberglass seats, just to name a few mods ;)

Soon to be out on the roads around north wales and north west of england in road rallying.

and im sure some of you will remember my car from when it came to Hungary in 2003?

I also have a vectra too ;)